Tricon VIP Packages Available Now!


It is with great pride that we release the Tricon VIP Packages for purchase!

This year is going to be unparalleled in its awesomeness, so be sure to grab yours before they sell out!

CLICK HERE or check out our “Ticket Info” page.

TriconWV 2016 is Announced!


The new date is set! That’s right, we’re moving to June!
With the rising costs leveled at the show in spring, we wanted to make sure our prices continued to stay affordable for our exhibitors, vendors and attendees. Rather than up the prices all around, we found our best option was to work with the venue and return the show to the summer season.

Booths are on sale now:
To get the best price, be sure to get yours as soon as possible, since the prices will increase at the start of 2016. 

More info to come, and please be sure to check out for our sister show in Columbus. Tables are going fast, so if you’re hoping to exhibit there, now’s the time to secure your spot!

Guest: Kyle Strahm

Known for his amazing cover work and incredible artwork on the acclaimed Image title, Justin Jordan. Kyle will be making his Tricon debut this year. READ MORE.


News: Cancellation

Unfortunately Mitch Gerads had to cancel his appearance at Tricon 2015. But no fear we are working on another guest addition. Stay tuned.

Marnie Riddell Announced as Ambassador of Cosplay


To better prepare Tricon for all those who will be dressing up and taking part in our annual costume contest we have decided to announce an official AMBASSADOR OF COSPLAY. This person will help us better the costume contest, cosplay experience and will be a guest judge in this year’s contest.

We are proud to announce the first ever AOC for Tricon, Marnie Riddell.

Guest Announcement: Cory Smith

cory smith

Talented artist, Cory Smith, will be coming to Tricon! He has illustrated such titles as Superman Doomed, Magnus Robot Killer, Fathom and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (including issue 44, the Tricon exclusive issue).

We will post more info on Cory on our website in the next few days!

News: Cancellation

Unfortunately Pop Mhan had to cancel his appearance at Tricon 2015. But no fear we will have NEW guest very shortly. Stay tuned.