News: Cancellation

Unfortunately Pop Mhan had to cancel his appearance at Tricon 2015. But no fear we will have NEW guest very shortly. Stay tuned.

Guest: Tom Waltz

Silent Hill, Ghostbuster and Teenage Mutant Turtle fans rejoice! IDW chief writer and editor, Tom Waltz will be making his debut at Tricon! READ MORE.


Guest: Ben Templesmith

One of the most unique and recognized artist with credits like 30 Days of Night, Wormwood, Welcome to the Hoxford and Squidder, Ben Templesmith is a huge addition to Tricon. READ MORE.



Guest: Mitch Gerads

One of the most talented artist at Marvel, the artist of The Punisher, Mitch Gerads, is taking time from his busy schedule to make his Tricon debut. READ MORE.


Guest: Pop Mhan

After a late cancellation for the 2014 show He-Man and Gears of War artist, Pop Mhan will finally be making his Tricon debut. READ MORE.


Guest: Paul Allor

The talented writer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, GI Joe, Strange Nation and Orc Girl, Paul Allor, will make his Tricon debut. READ MORE.


Guest: Tommy Patterson

Amazing artist of titles such as Farscape, Game of Thrones and Grimm Fairy Tales, Tommy Patterson, will once again be at Tricon. READ MORE.