Guest: Mark A. Robinson

MARs is coming to Tricon! Mark A. Robinson is a talented creator who has penciled Weapon X, Storm Shadow, I Love Trouble. MARs is a must meet creator debuting at Tricon! READ MORE.


Guest: Rachel Deering

Rachel Deering is an amazing creator with credits like the Black Hood, Creepy and In the Dark. Rachel is making her Huntington debut. READ MORE.


Guest: Ed Brisson

Are you a fan of RoboCop, Sons of Anarchy, Secret Avengers, Secret Wars Battleground, Murder Book or The Mantle? Well, the talented writer of some of these great stories, Ed Brisson will be coming from Vancouver to Huntington for Tricon’s 5th Gathering! READ MORE.



Guest: Kyle Strahm

Known for his amazing cover work and incredible artwork on the acclaimed Image title, Justin Jordan. Kyle will be making his Tricon debut this year. READ MORE.


News: Cancellation

Unfortunately Mitch Gerads had to cancel his appearance at Tricon 2015. But no fear we are working on another guest addition. Stay tuned.

News: Cancellation

Unfortunately Pop Mhan had to cancel his appearance at Tricon 2015. But no fear we will have NEW guest very shortly. Stay tuned.

Guest: Tom Waltz

Silent Hill, Ghostbuster and Teenage Mutant Turtle fans rejoice! IDW chief writer and editor, Tom Waltz will be making his debut at Tricon! READ MORE.