Heather Adkins (Planet Plush)
I’m a professional plush toy designer and local West Virginian. I studied production theatre at Marshall University. In 2011 I began designing plush toys as a hobby. Since then, I’ve worked as a professional freelance toy designer. I’m best known for my design work with 4th Dimension Entertainment on the popular brand My Little Pony. Currently, I’m working on developing my own line of plush toys.

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MikeWBelcher Bio

Mike Belcher
Mike W. Belcher is a Writer/Guy Who Draws from the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Bitten by the creative bug at a young age, he knew someday he would make comics of his own. After a two year developmental period, he produced the “all ages” original graphic novel, “Mike W. Belcher’s Man in the Mask: Emerging from the Shadow” in the summer of 2016. It’s the story of a young man chosen to continue a masked identity started by his grandfather. It’s an origin story of what it’s like growing up with that responsibility over your head and how things don’t always turn out like you think they might. The book was based upon both his love of comics and the relationship he had with his grandfather. He was both writer/artist on the book, while his son, Aiden assisted on the colors. Currently, Mike is working on the follow up comic book series, as well as, taking art commissions.

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Edward Brenwalt

Edward S. Brenwalt, born and raised in West Virginia, has always had a love of the fantasy and action genre. During his teenaged years, he made his first story, which eventually became his first published novel, “Path of a Hero.” Ever since then, he has published other books and has been working hard to get his next novel ready, hoping to share his brand of heroic tales with any and all.

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Bubble and Geek
Bubble and Geek is dedicated to making nerdy noses happy with a collection of soy candles, melts, soap, perfume, and lip balm. The company launched in early 2012, beginning at first with only a selection of a few video game- and geek-themed soy candles. Since then, the Bubble and Geek line has expanded to include over 50 unique, pop culture-themed fragrance options. Cathy, the artisan behind the brand, is constantly working behind the scenes to create awesome new scents!

All of Bubble and Geek’s products are made by hand in small batches. The scents are all custom-blended, so you won’t find them anywhere else! The candles and melts feature clean, renewable soy wax made from soybeans grown in the USA with naturally lead- free cotton wicks and the highest-quality fragrance oils.

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Bob Corby
Bob Corby is the guy who runs SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) in Columbus. He is gainfully employed as a structural engineer. In between working, eating, and sleeping he draws comics to keep his sanity. He also publishes Oh,Comics! an annual anthology comic which has been published since 1988. Other publications include Leaves, Amazing Tales of Entropy, Test! and numerous minicomics.

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Disposable Fiction Comics
Disposable Fiction Comics is a small press publisher consisting of one writer and one colorist and letterer. We collaborate with thoughtful, creative artists rich in talent. We create short fiction to read on the subway or the bus on the way to work. Though you may throw our comics away at the end of your trip, our stories will stick in the back of your mind.

Disposable Fiction Comics is trying to add something new to your world. Our bread and butter are bite size one shot stories done in an anthology style with a new artist for each story. We’ve also assembled a few one shot issues. Our stories vary genre and reflect a diverse cast of characters. We bring magic, truth, paranormal accounts, theological debate, modern crimes, and stories from lives that will never be.

We are working tirelessly to bring you new material monthly.

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Mason Easley
Born and raised in Columbus, Mason has been doing illustration work professionally for 8 years, and have gotten to work on many projects from comics, trading cards, and gaming. Mason has done work for Marvel Comics, Rittenhouse, Cryptozoic, Badaxe Entertainment, Legacy Rising Publications, Alphetar games, and many smaller companies on such projects as Marvel 75th anniversary, Archer, Aegis, The Legend of Azure, Psychic Soldier Kai, and Dungeon Dolls.


Andrew Eschenbach
Andy writes “Strange Crime Tales” and “(the Angels wanna wear my) Red Shoes” instead of sleeping. In the waking hours of the day he makes tattoos at his studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he resides with his family.

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EMP Logo

ElectroMagnetic Press (EMP) is a comic book publishing company based in West Virginia and New York. Having worked together since their college days, head writer Larry Morgan and illustrator Shane Moore have spent the last few years developing EMP’s flagship titles, The Believer and The Omens, as well as the standalone Empire Comics. In 2017, EMP will be releasing new chapters of their flagship titles as well as an anthology of West Virginia authors and illustrators.

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Jeremy Frech
Jeremy Frech is a painter who uses his own influences from life in the military and living abroad around the world. His Star Wars paintings are incredible and painted using his own compositions. Using toys, he photographs them in a diorama and uses those references to paint.

You can check out his WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.


Rodney Fyke
Rodney is a professional writer and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been working as a freelance artist since the early 90’s. He is currently working on his 5 th issue of his all ages comic Peanut, Puddin’ n’ Jelly which he self-publishes through Hazzum Productions. Rodney’s art can also be seen in The Bad Little Boy Alphabet and in his up upcoming children’s book Snoof. Rodney is a versatile artist whose art style ranges anywhere from graphic cartoony to detailed illustration pieces. He is available for commissions.



Andrew Horton
Andrew is the Co-Creator and head writer at Deja.Revue, a comic book review and interview blog. Andrew focuses on bringing a voice to those more overlooked members of the comic book community. His true passion lies with color and he is an aspiring color artist. Andrew loves humor and a strong plot. He lives in Indiana with his wife and two cats.

You can check out his WEBSITE and TWITTER.


Ken Kirk
Ken Kirk is an artist, writer, and independent comic book creator from Lexington, KY. His artwork ranges from fan art of all kinds to original characters and pieces, and he has written everything from short story collections to comics. The first issue of his new comic, ‘Slum Rising’, is available now!

You can check out his TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.


Brett Pinson
Brett R. Pinson is the creator of several independent comics including; Boomtown Scabs, The Adventures of Carl and The Expendables. Brett has also worked on Wolman Mac’s Nightmare Sinema/Chiller Drive-in Comics, Fat Momma Comics From Stan Lee’s Who Wants to be a superhero. Brett is also collaborating on Zombies, Dinosaurs, Flying Saucers with Kevin Leen and Fantastic Storytyme. Brett brings with him his available comics/graphic novels as well as a selection of prints of his artwork.

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Lauren Sparks 2014 (2)

Lauren Sparks
Lauren Sparks is a maker of original illustrations and minicomics. She illustrated issue #2 of Open Tree, Linus and the Fluke of Love by Chris Charlton for Assailant Comics, and also writes and draws the silly webcomic Cats Talking Words. She works both digitally and in watercolor, and enjoys drawing humans, cats and Pokemon.

You can check out her BLOGSPOT and WEBCOMIC.

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