Chris Barcomb
Author and public speaker, he is the creator of the all ages comic book series The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam. He is a retired police officer, amputee, and avid comic book fan. He currently resides in Harrisonburg, VA.



Todd Beistel
By day, Todd is a web designer for a computer/electronics retail chain and by night is an acclaimed artist. Todd was the co-creator and artist of Yuri: The Awakening before joining Broken Icon Comics and illustrating the now best selling series, The Horror Show. From the Horror Show Todd has went on to work on the highly anticipated, Frank, a story about a ghost who follows his zombie self around the apocalypse.

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Edward Brenwalt
Edward S. Brenwalt, born and raised in West Virginia, has always had a love of the fantasy and action genre. During his teenaged years, he made his first story, which eventually became his first published novel, “Path of a Hero.” Ever since then, he has published other books and has been working hard to get his next novel ready, hoping to share his brand of heroic tales with any and all.

Check out his BLOGSPOT and FACEBOOK.

TodD Frazer
TodD is a freelance artist reigning from the Tri-State area. Known for his unique brand “Scribbles & Splotches” deriving from his heartfelt traditional mixed media style. The ever growing portfolio that has swept across the nation and has been featured in Game Informer magazine, Illustrated Monthly, Art Collective, I.S.I unite, Tri State Artist Association amongst many others. Creating designs and logos for businesses, Tshirt companies and anything that can inspire growth in the endeavors to new lengths leaving a lasting mark.

TodD Frazer is an up and coming artist to keep an eye out for and will be a household name soon.


Charlie Haggard
Charlie Haggard is an independent artist and illustrator born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia focusing on creating his own universe of original characters, comics, and stories. He hopes to encourage a more creative atmosphere in Huntington and its surrounding cities and is a curator of the self-published comic zine, Bearqueft Comix: A surreal and humorous mix of original works by local artists and friends as well as budding artists all around the world, emulating the style of early alt-comix that have been influential to us all.

Check out his COMIC and WEBSITE.


Camron Johnson
Camron Johnson is an award-winning author/illustrator based out of Central Illinois. Traveling from convention to convention and working in studio on various book projects and comic works, he holds a strong passion for pen and ink, fantastical nonsense, and all that other good stuff.

Tricon will hold Camron’s official release of his newest graphic novel: BONECHECK, published by none other than Broken Icon Comics! 100 pages of malevolence packed tightly into one fiery, feverous manuscript. He encourages those who check out his work to brace their visual brain balls for maximum impact straight to the cranial memory cavern. Signed copies of the book, prints and original artwork will be available at the show!

Check out his WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.


Adam Meadors
Raised on books like Calvin and Hobbs and Star Wars along with being glued to the funny pages The Peanuts, B.C., Get Fuzzy and many more. It wasn’t until years later that the two would comprehend scale and vastness of this world they both grew up in. Sam and Adam met their senior year of high school through a mutual friend in the formation of a punk rock band. Like most garage bands, it didn’t last long. Though this led to a new musical endeavor with opportunities and a decent amount of success. The idea to write comics came from stories the two would create in an attempt to pass time while their band was on tour. The two would spend long van rides spilling their imaginations across the dashboard of the van crafting characters and adventures for them to set out on. Eventually this band came to an end but with its end Adam and Sam channeled their creative energies towards making their stories come to life. They set out to explore this new creative realm in which they’ve both knowingly and unknowingly existed in since childhood.


Tony Miello
Tony is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. He is the creator of the comic strip GAPO the Clown which has appeared on the web since 2004 and is currently published by Caliber Comics. He has worked on comic’s based on the popular cable television shows “Who Wants To Be A Superhero” and “Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In” as well as contributed art to and illustrated other Caliber Comics properties. Tony has provided art for trading card companies Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, Cryptozoic Entertainment and Topps on licensed proprieties from Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics and LucasFilm. Tony is one of the co-founders of Rocket Ink Studios where he has worked on Portraits Of Poe and trading cards for the licenced property Matt Busch’s Hollywood Is Dead. Rocket Ink Studios will soon be publishing Odd Tales From The Curio Shop which will star Brian O’Halloran.

Check out his FACEBOOK.


Jason Montgomery
A life time fan of superheroes, Sci-fi and monsters. Jason lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife, daughter and a small zoo of pets.

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Old World Comics
Old World Comics was founded by head writer and creator, Todd Goodman. Old World Comics hosts such diverse comics as the comedic superhero title, Smells Like Pulp Comics with artist Tyler Carpenter, the supernatural thriller Empty Skull with Marcelo Briseno, and the slice-of-life graphic novel, The Book on Me with Briana Higgins and the new sequel, Buy the Book with artist Grace Bolin. In January of 2016, Old World Comics opened a subsidiary, Killer Serials, which features prose serialized stories such as the best-selling All Hallows Eve and POE: Between Reality, Imagination and Madness.

Visit the Old World’s WEBSITE and Killer Serial’s WEBSITE.

PopStitch is a mother/daughter team from Hurricane, WV/South Point, OH. Nikki Bird crochets a wide variety of superheroes and villains, and her daughter Hannah Justice cross stitches photo realistic portraits and buttons based on popular tv shows, movies, video games, etc.


Sam Romesburg
Sam grew up in northern Virginia and Maryland where he was heavily active in the punk rock music scene for most of his adult life. His involvement in the music scene eventually brought him to meet his now long-time friend Adam Meadors, who is his co-author/co- creator. Together, the two were members of a moderately active touring band, and would often find themselves entertaining each other on long drives by creating characters and stories that would eventually take the shape of the comic they’re creating today, Among the Willows.


Dominic Riggio
Dominic Riggio is the writer and creator of The Arcane Awakening graphic novel trilogy and hockey comic book series Donnybrook. He is the owner of Mess Bucket Comics a Detroit Michigan based, self published and Independent company. He travels the to over 20 comic conventions a year. The ultimate goal of The Arcane Awakening is an animated or live action feature. He’s been fortunate enough to have some talented artists work on our books. Bill Farmer, Keith Grachow and Jacob Crippen (Professional credits include DC, Disney and Marvel) have contributed colors, inks and pencils to The Arcane Awakening graphic novel trilogy and the upcoming series Donnybrook.

Dominic is the producer, director and writer for the Fox Sports Detroit and CW, Detroit Winter Classic yearly TV program. He is the host of The Motown Mojo Live podcast and owner of the Echo Network in Royal Oak Michigan. Motown Mojo Live is an entertainment show that focuses on entertainment. Dominic was also Associate Producer for the 2018 film “Rottentail”.

Dominic started Mess Bucket Comics as a way of distributing and promoting The Arcane Awakening and Donnybrook. Mess Bucket is very active on social media as well as TV and radio.

Check out his work on his WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.


Zac White
Zac is a West Virginia native who has been living in Huntington the last 10 years. He is a self-taught illustrator/painter/writer who finds his creative inspiration from cheesy action/horror movies, music and of course comics! Zac also is the showrunner for Huntington Culture Storm; an ever-evolving pop up art show that takes over small business’ & encourages the community to come out and support their local talent! Zac will have dozens of illustrations, paintings, zines, stickers, pins and patches this year. He will also be debuting the ashcan for his upcoming comic: CRO-Gnar, a sci-fi / fantasy story about an amorphous time traveling green blob that crash lands on a prehistoric planet much like earth!

Rodney Fyke, Brett Pinson, Travis Horseman, Holly Shivel, Multi-Purpose Designs, Burrito Princess, Old World Comics,  Mourning Daily Publishing, Doomsday Designs, Jerry Frech, Jesse Marks, Michael Mayne, SkareKro, Wayward Cross Studios.

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