From his work in the sketch card arena to his comics art in the graphic novel FX-The Lost Land from IDW, The Art of Uko Smith is awesome by his use of line, design and color. He also teaches The Comic Book Illustration class and Continuing Education courses at The Columbus College of Art & Design. His commissioned pieces are getting global attention in the world of art and comics. And he draws awesome women! And currently, Uko is hard at work on his creator owned books titled 1500 and Salem Erotica. (Bill Nichols – Editor, Sketch Magazine)



Craig Halloran is a bestselling fantasy author of The Darkslayer and The Chronicles of Dragon. He’s published over 25 books that have received over 700 5-Star Reviews on Amazon. His other book series include Zombie Impact and his newly released Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files.

Follow his works on Facebook: The Darkslayer Report or Twitter: Craig Halloran.



Rusty Shackles is a Dayton OH based illustrator who has done work for 1up, Hardcore Gaming 101 and ComicsAlliance, as well as being published in comics from Oni Press, Monkeybrain, Action Lab and more. Check out his hub art site here – http://tabletopfetus.com/



An illustrator and comic book colorist from Milton, WV, Marc Lewis spends his time honing his craft and working on his creator-owned comic, The Conjurer (theconjurercomic.com). Some of his comic work can be seen in The Unique Tales, HACKoween and Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends. Marc will be taking commissions and selling prints at the show. If you’d like a pre-show commission contact Marc via his website, colorsbymal.com.


Tressina Bowling

Tressina Bowling is a Kentucky-based artist who’s tools of the trade are mostly pencils, inks and Copic Markers.  Her work can be seen on TressinaArt.blogspot.com and her comic Dracullama can be found at dracullama.com.


Jon Parrish Picture

Jon Parrish is an Indiana based comic writer. While he’s been working on scripts since high school, it wasn’t until after college when he completed his first comic book. His first series, Secrets & Shadows, is self-published and can be found online at www.secretsandshadows.net. He is currently working on Clusterf@#k, a series published by Alterna Comics as well as several short stories about his time teaching English in Japan. He can be found on Twitter at Jon_H_Parrish and on Facebook as Jon Parrish: Comic Book Writer.



Chris Charlton – Writer/creator of “Black of Heart”, “Binary Gray”, “OPEN TREE: Legends & Tall Tales” and “Sleepless”.  Fans of Charlton’s work have a lot to look forward to in 2014, including the continuation of his current books and the not one, but TWO new mini-series from Assailant Comics!  http://AssailantComics.com



Chris McJunkin is a comic illustrator and graphic designer from South Carolina. His recent projects include the weekly webcomic Zero’s Heroes from newhavencomics.com as well as the series Dogtown which is being printed in the anthology comic Science Hero. Chris is also the cover artist for Science Hero. As well, he is currently working on a spin off project focusing on the character Urban Archer. Chris also works on freelance items such as commissions, sketch cards, sketch covers and other original art which can be viewed at junkdrawerstudio.com.



Josh Billups is a local artist from Kenova, WV, and a senior at Spring Valley High School. He specializes in customized canvas shoe art, and just drawing in general.
His preferred tools are Prismicolor colored pencils, and markers.
His art can be seen @thecomickid on Instagram


ringtail cafe

Ringtail Cafe – Ringtail Cafe Productions is a publishing company based in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. With a special emphasis and focus on comic book and graphic novel production Ringtail Cafe runs the gamut from all ages friendly books, to gritty noir serials. They are best known for their current series, The Confectionaries, which has proven as popular with adults as it is with children. Ringtail Cafe has also recently developed the party game “Assimilation”.



Danny Pettry is the author of the Monster Book Series for Children. They are books about adorable monsters for the younger audience who’ll be visiting Tri-Con.



PlayingWithPallets – I take shipping pallets, deconstruct them, and reassemble them into hand painted signs to hang on the wall. There will be many comic and pop culture designs available to purchase the day of the show! I will also be taking orders for customized signs that can be ready 4-8 weeks after the show. Stop by and see if we have one of your favorite characters! If not…you can always request it. Check out Playing With Pallets on Facebook at www.facebook.com/playingwithpallets.



Santana Maynard – Santana is a big cosplay enthusiast who has been internationally recognized. She has been featured in various forms of media, including a feature in Japanese Magazine “Cosmode Magazine” in Japan, and won an award for best [solo] skit performing her other art, singing. She is a public figure, promotional model and singer, who has opened shows for Brad Paisely, and has her own original music videos featuring country star legend Tanya Tucker. Santana has been an entertainer since her early childhood years and continues to do so in various formats. For more information on her, visit her page: www.facebook.com/santanacosplay  Santana Cosplay can also be found on youtube: www.youtube.com/santanacosplay


Squad Corellia

Squad Corellia is a group of community-minded volunteers serving the state of West Virginia. Self-described as Vader’s Fist, this organization is actually a growing volunteer army. We are the “Bad” guys who do good deeds through portraying the nefarious characters (or Dark Side characters) of the Star Wars films and other media, participate in, and spearhead public service initiatives, charity events, promotional appearances, and public gatherings to benefit the community and state.

Squad Corellia is a part of Garrison Carida® which serves Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia. Together we are a part of the 501st Legion, “The World’s Definitive Imperial Star Wars Costuming Organization.” Endorsed and preferred by Lucasfilm Ltd. Squad Corellia of the 501st Legion performs charitable events and community-based ventures, while celebrating and promoting the Star Wars universe with people young and old.



Hannah Bird is an artist currently residing in Huntington, WV. She has recently teamed up with her mother, Nikki, to create PopStitch, a collaborative needlework shop. Hannah creates cross stitch images of pop culture characters while Nikki (who resides in Hurricane, WV) creates characters in amigurumi form, a type of crochet. She also crochets pop culture based clothing accessories.



Rodney Fyke is a professional writer and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.  He is currently working on his 6th issue of his all ages comic Peanut, Puddin’ n’ Jelly which he self-publishes through Hazzum Productions.  Rodney is a versatile artist whose art style ranges anywhere from graphic cartoony to detailed illustration pieces.


standard nerds

The Standard Nerds are a group of friends from the Tri-State area that have a passion for just about everything in nerd culture.  They use this passion to create podcasts, Let’s Play’s, and reviews on their Youtube channel. The Standard Nerds were founded, however, as a means of giving back to the community.  The Nerds use raffles, local events, video game marathons, and other means to help raise money and awareness for various charities, including Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Extra Life Donation Page  (will be active until after the October 25th event, then we will probably have to send you a new link for next year’s event.) Youtube: youtube.com/standardnerdschannel  Twitter: @StandNerdsYT  Facebook: facebook.com/thestandardnerds



Page 4 Yeti, or P4Y, is an independent comic book publisher based in Maysville, Kentucky. Founded in late 2013 by writer Jason Davis and writer/artist Jeremy King, P4Y’s mission is to provide an alternative for readers tired of the usual superhero fare. Debuting with the short comic Midnight Snack in October 2013, P4Y will be premiering their first full length offering, the western Not Dark Yet, at Huntington. Website: www.page4yeti.com / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Page-4-Yeti/144917562386236


Steam City Treasures

At Steam City Treasures, we strive to create unique and beautiful Steampunk, Geek & Anime jewelry and more. Everything we sell is handmade and no 2 pieces are exactly alike.  We can also do custom orders upon request.  If you live in or around the Ashland, KY area, stop by our store located inside the Camayo Arcade on Winchester Ave. in Suite #12.  Our products can also be ordered through our Facebook page, Etsy Store, Twitter or Instagram.  Feel free to follow us and keep up to date on our new items that are continually being added to our stock. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone at Tricon!



Eric Adams is a writer/artist best known for his creator-owned comic series, LACKLUSTER WORLD – a satire about a man with albinism trying to change the world using vandalism and his journalism career all the while fending off his brother and sister’s strange attempts to religiously convert him. In 2015, Adams launched NARRIER, a print and digital publishing outfit showcasing LACKLUSTER WORLD, as well as several new titles including GOODBYE WEATHER, PECKING ORDER and RUMSPRINGA. He is also the writer of REFLECTION, a 2009 S.P.A.C.E. Prize winner; the artist of STUART, which ran in NEGATIVE BURN; and a once-contributor to Newsarama.com, writing SEQUENTIAL SMARTS, a thorough series of articles about the business and marketing comics from the perspective of a self-publisher.



Brandon Lauhon is the artist on Clown, written by James Maddox. He also works in illustration, graphic design, fine art, photography and film with his company Sleepy Hollow Studios. He is a member of the Ignite Startup in Ashland, KY and recently finished designing their shirts. Brandon lives with his beautiful wife Alison (who is the business end of Sleepy Hollow Studios), their children, and a cat who barely tolerates them all. Mr. Lauhon only occasionally screams and flails wildly at street performers.  He spends his time away from the soul suck that is his day job either with his family in the backend of nowhere or working in his office at Ignite. One day he aspires to be the next Alan Moore and growing his glorious beard to Gimli proportions, hanging out in his increasingly saggy underwear and hating everyone.


Tim Fuller

Tim Fuller began self-publishing his cartoons in Hooha Comics in 1978. He contributed the series “The Blue Beagle,” to Fantagraphics’ Critters and “Cap’n Catnip” to Charlton Bullseye. Tim created countless strips and cartoons for various fanzines, mini comics and magazines, including The Comic Buyers Guide and Starlog. In 2006, after a self-imposed exile from making comics, Tim began actively creating and publishing his cartoons again. He collected his various “Blue Beagle” stories into a book. In 2009 he edited a Cincinnati-based anthology, deliciously titled “Twelve-Way with Cheese.” Tim’s ongoing projects include The New Adventures of Cap’n Catnip, SHAM Comics, his rewritten golden age stories, and “Zombie Marge,” a webcomic, which won second place at S.P.A.C.E. in 2014. His work cam be seen at hoohacomics.com and zombiemarge.blogspot.com


Bunny Bombshell

Bunny Bombshell is Huntington WV’s very own professional cosplay model. She has portrayed several characters such as Catwoman, Sailor Moon, Valkyrie, and Emma Frost. Bunny also does many different genres of modeling in addition to cosplay, including pin-up/vintage, sci-fi/fantasy, and conceptual/fine-art. Her work can be seen online at www.facebook.com/BunnyBombshell


Shawn Murphy

Shawn Murphy is the writer of the new webcomic series, Mechanaflux at (RealmsOfFlux.com).  He has written a 5 issue mini-series about how different people deal with the coming end of the world (The End).  His other projects include Displacement (an experimental diary comic), Strength (a superhero satire), and he is currently working on a series of spin-off short stories in his Mechanaflux universe.  And, in addition to all this, he has a nostalgic internet show on CastWaveStudios.com   / Mechanaflux Webcomic:  RealmsOfFlux.com / Website:  ShawnPMurphy.com / Video Series:  CastWaveStudios.com



The D20 Girls Project is a non-profit organization that combats the negative portrayal of women in geek culture by empowering women who identify as fans of various nerd industries. The D20 Girls Project is committed to creating opportunities for women and strengthening the nerd community. Links:  West Virginia Facebook – www.facebook.com/WVD20Girls / Official Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/D20GirlsProject / Website – http://d20girls.org/ / Magazine Website – http://d20girlsmagazine.com/



The Black Mountain Guard is the West Virginia chapter of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, an international STAR WARS™ costuming organization dedicated to celebrating the Star Wars universe through the creation, display, and wearing of quality character costumes that represent the Mandalorian characters and culture from the STAR WARS saga. The MMCC promotes interest in Star wars and facilitates the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributing to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.



Old World Comics was founded on New Year’s Day, 2010 by head writer, creator and founder Todd Goodman.  Todd launched Old World with the comedic superhero title, The Powers that Be! with artist Cory Butler.  Other titles include All Hallows Eve, The Book on Me, Catacombs, Cosmic Avenger, Empty Skull and Out There.  The company website also features the monthly web comic, Old World Office.  Visit all the Old World sites at www.oldworldcomics.com and www.oldworldoffice.weebly.com.



Ed Choi is a Louisville based writer/artist who has adapted a cinema style method for comic book storytelling and is currently working on self-publishing his graphic novel.  Using a very specific pen and ink crosshatching style, realistic facial rendering, and his attention to detail, the upcoming book will be very unique.  He is currently promoting his artwork by selling prints, sketchcards, and original art comic book variant covers.  Like him on www.facebook.com/eddiechoiart.


jesse marks

Jesse Marks is an artist and illustrator from Cleveland, Ohio. His art ranges from his favorite classic heroes and villains to Disney and My Little Pony. He is currently working on a web comic called Evolution Prime and a new comic book for Underground Comixx. Also in the works is a project with Eric Cooper, creator of Knightseeker. Visit www.jamartsketchez.bigcartel.com and www.facebook.com/jamartsketchez  http://mkeaston.com/Superforce/


Gary Gibeaut

A Point Pleasant native it is little surprise that Gary Gibeaut has put his talent towards rendering the town’s legendary monster…Mothman! His artwork is throughout the new Mothman Museum. On tee shirts, posters, mugs, banners, stickers and even its walls. His work also appears in author and curator Jeff Wamsleys’s book, “Behind the Red Eyes”. And even an episode of SciFi investigates. Gary has also teamed up with other regional writers and artists to create “Five Star Comics”. Five Star is done in the style of 1940’s and 50’s comics. It features new stories of public domain characters and creator owned heroes. From Cave Girl to Marvel Maid. Flip Falcon to the Black Bat. Issue three features, among other stories, Gary’s own “Dead Harrah, Zombie Detective”. His brother, writer Jason Gibeaut, will be here with his popular comic panel books, “Mothman ‘Toons”, illustrated by Larry Blake.



ElectroMagnetic Press (EMP) is a comic book publishing company based in West Virginia and New York. After tinkering with the slacker comic The Fairmont Five in the nineties, head writer Larry Morgan and illustrator Shane Moore decided to work together again under the EMP banner. EMP’s flagship titles, The Believer and The Omens, have been received exceptionally well with two issues of each title currently available. With a number of new projects in the works, 2015 promises to be a busy year for EMP! https://www.facebook.com/ElectroMagneticPress www.electromagneticpress.com



Seth Lyons is a professional Graphic artist located in Lewis Center, Ohio. He has illustrated for various independent publishing companies; working on “Stiletto Heights” and Twilightstar Studios’ “The Unnaturals”.  He also produced his own book “Abnormal Bureau of Investigation” in 2011. Developing an intricate illustration style, he is currently producing several series of illustrations that are heavily influenced in the steampunk genre.  His detail-oriented work is constantly evolving in elaborate style.  Original pieces are available at sethlyonsgallery.storenvy.com



Several years ago, Evan Bevins and Nathan Arnold met in a bitterly contested comic book trivia contest. Who would have guessed that these seemingly natural arch-enemies would one day join forces to create the webcomic Support Group, featuring a group of folks whose origins didn’t go the way they show them in the comics? Or that they’d bring their work to Tricon four years in a row? And with Nathan’s amazing art, who in their right mind would have predicted Evan, a Marshall alum who writes Support Group, would sell two sketch cards at the con, one of which wasn’t bought by his mom? Guest-starring Palowsky, writer/artist/creator of the manga comedy webcomic Laughing Stroke!



The Alchemy Exchange specializes in making high quality, handmade armor and props for the reenactor, cosplayer, steampunker, or other enthusiast.  (All manner of geeks.)  Want a special piece made?  We also do custom work.  In the RPG of life, we want to be your item store.  But not that crummy one in the first town, the good one in the middle of that one place that gets better items as the game progresses.



L .Jason Queen was born in a small country setting on the banks of the mighty Ohio river. At age 2 I remember being enticed into the realm of everything Star Wars. The deal was sealed and I was destined for sci-fi geekage. After surviving high school I meandered my way to college at Marshall University in Huntington West Virginia, where I came under the influence of creative professionals and the man who would eventually become my painting mentor, Stan Sporny. After earning a B.F.A. in graphic design in 1997, I worked in various arenas of the graphics industry. Somewhere deep inside my heart I wanted more. I returned to Marshall to study under the guidance and wisdom of the one painter who seemed to “get” my illustrative style, Stan “the man” Sporny. My journeys and studies with Stan lead to an M.A. in painting and illustration in 2004. Since that time I have been creating artwork from my home studio under the name of RogueWolf Studios. Exploring the realms of art and fantasy with my paint brushes, wife and awesome children.I am currently hiring out my graphic design services and illustration skills to the highest bidder. I am also in the process of working on two personal projects and story lines, “Son of Gaul” and “Ki Veil” that will hopefully be released toward the end of 2015.


JR Earl

J.R. Earls is a Pop Culture Artist who resides in Charleston WV. He uses markers as his chosen medium and can draw anything. His work has been seen in both WCW and WWE magazines, and is the art manager for West Virginia’s biggest and most extreme haunted attraction, The Haunted Barn.


ADD Design Studios (AD3) has specialized in custom leather since 2008. We’ve made everything from leather Star Wars costume belts to motorcycle saddle bags. Everything we make is cut, tooled and finished by hand. We also accept commissioned projects!



Andrew Heath is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Lexington, Ky. In 2012, he received his Bachelors of Arts from the University of Kentucky, but has been designing professionally long before. In his work, Andrew likes to keep things clean, simple and concise, while at the same time having a bold impact on the viewer. Website – www.andrew-heath.com / Facebook – www.facebook.com/andrewheathdesign


Aaron Walther Picture

Aaron Walther is an independent comic writer.  He writes the superhero comedy Zero’s Heroes as well as the science fiction anthology Science Hero.  When not holed up in a basement “writing” comics, he also hosts Comic DNA, a weekly comics podcast where he and other comic creators discuss their favorite books.  Read his comics at www.newhavencomics.com.  Listen to the podcast at www.comicdna.podbean.com.  Follow him on twitter @aawalther.



Travis Tomblin is the creator and writer of Canada Jack, a secret agent/superhero, comedy mash-up featuring Canada’s only government-funded hero, Canada Jack.  Other writing credits include “Mystery Opponent” and “Moundsville Prison Riot” for Michael Waggoner’s El Diablo Azul.  Travis was born and resides in Logan, WV and is an avid fan of baseball, comics, and pro wrestling. He is finishing his degree in Psychology. Upon completion, and in addition to degrees in Corrections and Law Enforcement, he will be one step closer to becoming Batman.


Baily Peyton

Geekesque - Bailey Peyton lives in Barboursville, WV with her husband. Her favorite things include drawing, pizza, and binge watching her favorite shows. Her artwork is mainly based on Doctor Who, Supernatural, and The Walking Dead.



Jeremy O’Ryan (aka Skare-kro) is formerly from Houston, Texas, but returned to the Cincinnati area in 2006. While his artistic background is in architecture, he decided to take a chance and delve into the world of his true love, comic book art, in 2013 and hasn’t looked back.  Jeremy draws his artistic inspiration from Humberto Ramos, Scottie Young, and Sam Keith to name a few.




Notoriously Morbid was founded in early 2013 after more than a year of research into indie cosmetics. Carrie and Laura have known each other for 12 years and have a mutual love of dark, morbid things, which is where their inspiration comes from, and both have a slight makeup obsession. Collections come from their favorite books, comic series, TV shows, and music.

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