Seth Baker
Seth M. Baker has worked as a software engineer, international English teacher, freelance writer, and pizza delivery man. He’s been making up stories since he was a kid. He has degrees in English and Computer Science from Marshall University.

He grew up in West Virginia, USA and has traveled extensively. His earliest memory is of a wildfire consuming the hill behind his house.

He currently lives in a misty Appalachian valley with his wife, sons, and cat.

You can check out his WEBSITE.


Chris Barcomb
Author and public speaker, he is the creator of the all ages comic book series The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam. He is a retired police officer, amputee, and avid comic book fan. He currently resides in Harrisonburg, VA.



Todd Beistel
By day, Todd is a web designer for a computer/electronics retail chain and by night is an acclaimed artist. Todd was the co-creator and artist of Yuri: The Awakening before joining Broken Icon Comics and illustrating the now best selling series, The Horror Show. From the Horror Show Todd has went on to work on the highly anticipated, Frank, a story about a ghost who follows his zombie self around the apocalypse.

Mike W. Belcher
Mike W. Belcher is an eastern Kentucky-based writer/guy who draws. A graphic designer by day, he works on comic projects when he has the time. For the last three years, he’s been focused on making up stories for his all ages MAN IN THE MASK series of books. It’s the story of a grandson continuing the masked identity of his grandfather, but in his own way.

Hailed as a “breath of fresh air,” the series has garnered positive reviews by readers and pros alike. 2019 marks the publication of the first issue of the new regular series which features an eight page backup story by legendary writer Mike Baron (Nexus, Badger).

You can check out his WEBSITE.

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Edward Brenwalt
Edward S. Brenwalt, born and raised in West Virginia, has always had a love of the fantasy and action genre. During his teenaged years, he made his first story, which eventually became his first published novel, “Path of a Hero.” Ever since then, he has published other books and has been working hard to get his next novel ready, hoping to share his brand of heroic tales with any and all.

Check out his BLOGSPOT and FACEBOOK.

Burrito Princess
Burrito Princess is fan art for the geek at heart, bringing old school video games to life while putting a retro twist on modern day pop culture characters. Burrito Princess was founded in 2012 by artist and crafter Amber Kantes in a small town in West Virginia. Amber is a chemist turned full time artist who created the crafting persona Burrito Princess when she decided to start selling a few of her creations online. One thing led to another, and soon after graduating college, she decided to sell her artwork and creations full time at comic cons, festivals, and online. While she dabbles in many different creative outlets, she mostly sticks to creating digital pixel art and crafting with what she likes to call “pixel beads.” In the rare moments when she is not creating and crafting, she likes to cook, go to concerts, play video games, geocache, read, and spend time with her fiance and their pets.

You can check out her WEBSITE.

Charlie Haggard is a self-taught independent artist and illustrator born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia focusing on creating his own universe of original characters, comics, and stories. This year, he’ll be bringing his original drawings, stickers, and comics, especially the latest issue of his curated art and comic zine, Bearqueft Comix: A surreal and humorous mix of original works by local and international artists!

Check out his WEBSITE and COMIC.

Ray Coffman
Artist. Writer. Creator. Ray has cultivated a following of fans from around the world for his unique art style and depiction of great moments from classic tales. He is also the creator of the action/fantasy comic Araura. Keeping with the whole Artist. Writer. Creator. thing, Ray is the writer and artist on Araura. 2019 saw Ray also release his first literary work, a horror/sci-fi tale titled Derelict: The Harbingers of Kromius. With multiple projects and new art forthcoming, Ray is always excited to meet and talk with new fans and old fans alike. Come and see what he has in the works!

You can check out his WEBSITE and follow him on FACEBOOK.

Bob Corby
Bob Corby is the guy who runs SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) in Columbus. He is a part-time structural engineer and part-time cartoonist. In between working, eating, and sleeping he draws
comics to keep his sanity. He also publishes Oh,Comics! an annual anthology comic which has been
published since 1988. His other publications include Leaves, Amazing Tales of Entropy, Test! and
numerous minicomics.

You can check out his WEBSITE.

Dobby’s Hobbies
Heather Rawlins is the owner and artist behind Dobby’s Hobbies. She creates paintings and graphite sketches of characters from various fandoms, like Steven Universe, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel, and Disney; as well as providing knit items like hats, scarves, bags, stuffed animals and stuffed character dolls.

You can follow her on FACEBOOK.

ElectroMagnetic Press (EMP) is a comic book publishing company based in West Virginia and
New York. Headed up by the team of Larry Morgan, Shane Moore, and Mark Fisher, EMP
features flagship B&W titles, The Believer and The Omens, as well as the standalone Empire
Comics. The company’s latest release is a 60 + page anthology entitled Miscellania. It features
short stories, comics, and pin-ups by West Virginia authors and illustrators.

You can follow them on FACEBOOK and check out their WEBSITE.

TodD Frazer
TodD is a freelance artist reigning from the Tri-State area. Known for his unique brand “Scribbles & Splotches” deriving from his heartfelt traditional mixed media style. The ever growing portfolio that has swept across the nation and has been featured in Game Informer magazine, Illustrated Monthly, Art Collective, I.S.I unite, Tri State Artist Association amongst many others. Creating designs and logos for businesses, Tshirt companies and anything that can inspire growth in the endeavors to new lengths leaving a lasting mark.

TodD Frazer is an up and coming artist to keep an eye out for and will be a household name soon.

Gravely Unusual Magazine
The MOST UNUSUAL illustrated magazine! Oozing with original comics, interviews, reviews, and weird fiction. The only publication devoted to delusion, decay, and decadence!

You can check out their WEBSITE.

Gary Gibeaut
Gary Gibeaut was born and raised in beautiful Point Pleasant, WV. It is commonly referred to as the “Home of the Mothman” by crypto enthusiasts from around the world. In the past few years Gary has designed several tee shirts for the Mothman Museum. His work is throughout the museum and on many collector items such as posters, postcards, magnets, buttons and even a Mothman comic. Within the last decade he has also contributed stories and artwork to “Five Star Comics”.

Andrew Heath
Andrew Heath is a designer and illustrator from Kentucky, whose work primarily focuses on the world of popular culture and specializes in limited edition screen printed artwork. With a unique, bold and minimalist style, he has stood out in the industry to work on licensed properties such as Adventure Time, Ghostbusters, Monty Python and designed artwork for several major directors including Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams and Edgar Wright. Recently, Andrew has worked in the tabletop gaming industry, specifically with Looney Labs, the creators of the popular game Fluxx. Through them, he has designed and illustrated three hit games; Chemistry Fluxx, Retro Loonacy and Just Desserts as well as it’s expansions. In 2017, he began working on his self-published card game, Burger Battle, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter and released in 2018.

Check out his WEBSITE and CARD GAME.

Russell Jackson
Russell Jackson is a writer and illustrator from Jeffersonville, Indiana, working in a wide range of media. His primary project is the Lovecraftian comic book Crawling Chaos, independently published over the last five years. A lifelong music lover, he is also known for his unique portraits of musicians, painted directly onto vinyl records.

You can follow him on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and check out his WEBSITE.

Mike Mallow
Mike Mallow is a West Virginia author who published his first sci-fi novel, Heartspark, in 2018. Mike is an award-winning newspaper producer, photographer, and was recognized as the West Virginia State Journal’s 40 Under 40 in 2012. Additionally, Mike hosts a weekly podcast, West by Pod, and is a co-host of the Random Geek Culture West Virginia (RGCWV) podcast.

You can check out his PODCAST and BOOK.

Marie’s Craft’s N Creations
Marie is a native of West Virginia and a graduate of WVU Institute of Technology. She has since moved to Kentucky, but West Virginia will always be her home. She is a wife, mother, and small business owner. She enjoys making a large variety of handcrafted items using wood, fabric, and other raw materials to create custom gifts. You can find a small sampling of her items under her Facebook page ‘MARIE’S CRAFTS ‘N CREATIONS, LLC’. Marie is looking forward to showcasing a wide variety of fun items that can be incorporated into you home, office or college dorm.


Adam Meadors
Raised on books like Calvin and Hobbs and Star Wars along with being glued to the funny pages The Peanuts, B.C., Get Fuzzy and many more. It wasn’t until years later that the two would comprehend scale and vastness of this world they both grew up in. Sam and Adam met their senior year of high school through a mutual friend in the formation of a punk rock band. Like most garage bands, it didn’t last long. Though this led to a new musical endeavor with opportunities and a decent amount of success. The idea to write comics came from stories the two would create in an attempt to pass time while their band was on tour. The two would spend long van rides spilling their imaginations across the dashboard of the van crafting characters and adventures for them to set out on. Eventually this band came to an end but with its end Adam and Sam channeled their creative energies towards making their stories come to life. They set out to explore this new creative realm in which they’ve both knowingly and unknowingly existed in since childhood.


Mess Bucket Comics
Dominic Riggio is the writer and creator of The Arcane Awakening graphic novel trilogy and hockey comic book series Donnybrook. He is the owner of Mess Bucket Comics a Detroit Michigan based, self published and Independent company. He travels the to over 20 comic conventions a year. The ultimate goal of The Arcane Awakening is an animated or live action feature. He’s been fortunate enough to have some talented artists work on our books. Bill Farmer, Keith Grachow and Jacob Crippen (Professional credits include DC, Disney and Marvel) have contributed colors, inks and pencils to The Arcane Awakening graphic novel trilogy and the upcoming series Donnybrook.

Dominic is the producer, director and writer for the Fox Sports Detroit and CW, Detroit Winter Classic yearly TV program. He is the host of The Motown Mojo Live podcast and owner of the Echo Network in Royal Oak Michigan. Motown Mojo Live is an entertainment show that focuses on entertainment. Dominic was also Associate Producer for the 2018 film “Rottentail”.

Dominic started Mess Bucket Comics as a way of distributing and promoting The Arcane Awakening and Donnybrook. Mess Bucket is very active on social media as well as TV and radio.

Check out his work on his WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.


Tony Miello
Tony is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. He is the creator of the comic strip GAPO the Clown which has appeared on the web since 2004 and is currently published by Caliber Comics. He has worked on comic’s based on the popular cable television shows “Who Wants To Be A Superhero” and “Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In” as well as contributed art to and illustrated other Caliber Comics properties. Tony has provided art for trading card companies Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, Cryptozoic Entertainment and Topps on licensed proprieties from Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics and LucasFilm. Tony is one of the co-founders of Rocket Ink Studios where he has worked on Portraits Of Poe and trading cards for the licenced property Matt Busch’s Hollywood Is Dead. Rocket Ink Studios will soon be publishing Odd Tales From The Curio Shop which will star Brian O’Halloran.

Check out his FACEBOOK.


Jason Montgomery
A life time fan of superheroes, Sci-fi and monsters. Jason lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife, daughter and a small zoo of pets.

Double Promo

Old World Comics
Old World Comics was founded by head writer and creator, Todd Goodman. Old World Comics hosts such diverse comics as the comedic superhero title, Smells Like Pulp Comics with artist Tyler Carpenter, the supernatural thriller Empty Skull with Marcelo Briseno, and the slice-of-life graphic novel, The Book on Me with Briana Higgins and the new sequel, Buy the Book with artist Grace Bolin. In January of 2016, Old World Comics opened a subsidiary, Killer Serials, which features prose serialized stories such as the best-selling All Hallows Eve and POE: Between Reality, Imagination and Madness.

Visit the Old World’s WEBSITE and Killer Serial’s WEBSITE.

Pigbone Comics
Pigbone Comics is a married creative team from Ohio hell-bent on crafting chilling tales of adventure. Arcana: Vaquero is their first publiclication.

Eamon Hill is a Tattoo artist and freelance illustrator based out of Cincinnati Ohio. A life-long devotee of comic books and creepy stuff, Eamon has long dreamed of publishing his own works.

Lish Crossland-Hill is an esthetician and freelance photographer based out of Cincinnati Ohio. She has always had a flair for creative writing, and an eye for dramatic imagery. Not only did she flex her writing muscles on Arcana: Vaquero but she dove into the art chores as well, lending her colored pencil work to certain pages in upcoming issues.

You can follow them on INSTAGRAM and check out their WEBSITE.

Pink Turtle Lady
I sell buttons, magnets and 8-bit style perler beads. My booth will also sell handmade totes, clutches, dice bags, zipper bags and many more designs! I have a variety of different types of designs from video games, comics, tv shows, movies and wrestling. I also do custom orders.

You can follow them on FACEBOOK and visit their STORE.

PopStitch is a mother/daughter team from Hurricane, WV/South Point, OH. Nikki Bird crochets a wide variety of superheroes and villains, and her daughter Hannah Justice cross stitches photo realistic portraits and buttons based on popular tv shows, movies, video games, etc.


Sam Romesburg
Sam grew up in northern Virginia and Maryland where he was heavily active in the punk rock music scene for most of his adult life. His involvement in the music scene eventually brought him to meet his now long-time friend Adam Meadors, who is his co-author/co- creator. Together, the two were members of a moderately active touring band, and would often find themselves entertaining each other on long drives by creating characters and stories that would eventually take the shape of the comic they’re creating today, Among the Willows.

RSRG Entertainment
RSRG Entertainment started as a podcast in June 2013 and, for some reason, no one made them stop. Podcast host Phillip Broyles and his gang of friends talk about what’s going on in pop culture each week. RSRG Entertainment is proud members of the Earplug Podcast Network.

If podcasting wasn’t enough, in 2017 the crew expanded their reach with the launch of RSRG Publishing and the release of the company’s first comic Desolate.

You can follow them on FACEBOOK and check out their WEBSITE.

Lauren Sparks
Lauren Sparks is an illustrator in ink and watercolor, and goes by “Wingéd Elf Girl”. Her work includes a short autobiographical comic in the upcoming Now Zine with Jacques Nyemb for Not So Super Pub, Linus and the Fluke of Love by Chris Charlton for Assailant Comics, the silly webcomic Cats Talking Words, and other self-published minicomics. She especially enjoys drawing humans, cats and Pokémon.

You can follow her on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

Chad Strohl
Chad is a writer and artist hailing from Southeastern Ohio currently self publishing four independent titles that can be previewed on his website.

You can check out his WEBSITE.

Brandon Tasker
Born in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Raised in Mount Nebo, West Virginia. Brandon is a Self Published Author with a total of Six Books and counting. Creating a Universe for Trailer Park Avenger and BoB the Vegetarian Zombie. So everyone in the World can enjoy and relate to. Taking a break from the World of Stanleyville, Brandon enjoys listening to Music, sitting by the Fire and relaxing while catching up on some of his Favorite Shows.

You can check out BOB and TPA on Facebook.

Travis Tomblin
Travis Tomblin, a native of Logan, WV, is the Writer/Creator of Canada Jack, an action-comedy wherein a hapless jerk, named Jack, is the sole guardian of the Great White North. Travis also dabbles in art, primarily focusing on portraits using ink and watercolor. When he isn’t working, he enjoys the company of his family and conspiring with childhood friend, Jeremy Bryant (creator of Black River Falls), to develop and create new comic concepts under the banner of Atrophy Comics.

The Nice List
To honor Uncle Bo, Nick, and Mike… we’re making a list and checking it twice!

As a non-profit organization founded in Huntington, WV, To honor the memory of 3 of his Uncles… President Isaac Morgan takes time out of the holidays to offer his services as one of “Santa’s helpers” and any payment he receives from these visits goes to the Nice List so that they can purchase gifts for children and families that may have fallen on hard times close to the holidays or at anytime during the year.

In its short existence, the Nice List has been featured on WOWK TV and the Herald Dispatch for their donation of over 100 Build-A-Bear stuffed animals to the HOOPS Family Medical Center and had also received a spotlight in the Herald Dispatch at the beginning of the holiday season this past year.

The Nice List has also worked with Wounded Warrior Project, All Star Wrestling out of Milton, WV, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern WV and countless other organizations.

Any donation, Big or small, helps the Nice List to make sure the holidays stay merry and bright for many. And who knows? Maybe Santa will make a special trip to Tri-Con for pictures!

You can follow them on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM and check out their WEBSITE.

Steven Paul Watson
Born and raised in the hills of eastern Kentucky, Steven Paul Watson is many things: a writer, artist, amateur photographer, and avid outdoorsman as well as an all-around geek. His love of writing includes soul-chilling science fiction, fantasy, and all things supernatural/horror. But his true passion is steampunk/alternate reality.

Attending more than a handful of conventions a year, he stays close to his geeky roots. When out in nature, Steven enjoys running multiple 5Ks a year and hiking the hills near his home. He also spends a lot of his free time working on crafts of different varieties, jewelry and wood work.

His true creative outlet is writing. Steven is published in a couple of anthologies, most notably the very inventive Human 76. His first full length novel, Howling Moon came out in the fall of 2017. It follows the life of a young woman, Emily Meyer from being attacked by a mysterious animal. Waking up in a hospital as she tries to discover what is going within her own body while being stalked by a mysterious stranger. A second book in the series is expected in the near future.

You can follow him on FACEBOOK and check out his WEBSITE.

Wayward Cross Studio
Wayward Cross Studios is freelance artists Landon Franklin, Brandon Franklin and writer Paul Corn. They are the creative team behind the long running web comic Zokusho. Currently working on Waifu Apocalyspe, a story of body pillows coming to life and attacking everyone. When they aren’t working together, Landon and Brandon work for Broken Icon Comics on projects like G-Raver, Traitor’s Grace, Stay and Ogden Falls. Paul does his best to serve his cat Senpai, who never seems to notice him.

You can follow them on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

Brody Williams
Brody Williams is an Illustrator, Concept Designer, and Comic Artist. Credits include work on licensed properties for Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Miramax Films, & James Kuhoric’s Dead Irons.

You can follow him on INSTAGRAM and check out his WEBSITE.

Mourning Daily Publishing, Orange Ribbon Studios, Zac White, Brett Pinson, Travis Horseman, Rodney Fyke, Frech Studios, Doomsday Designs, Multi-Purpose Designs, Jesse Marks, Mike Maydak, Geekcessories, Wayward Cross Studios and Upcycled Art by Holly Shivel.

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