Guest: The McElroys

Justin McElroy is the oldest of the McElroy Brothers and is the co-host of MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER AND ME (with his brothers Travis and Griffin), THE ADVENTURE ZONE (with his brothers and Dad), and SAWBONES (with his wife Dr. Sydnee McElroy). He worked as editor-at-large for POLYGON, co-hosting the hit show MONSTER FACTORY. He has recently completed a book with Sydnee based on SAWBONES and is one of the co-writers of the first Adventure Zone graphic novel: THE ADVENTURE ZONE: HERE THERE BE GERBLINS from :01 Publishing. He has two remarkable daughters: Charlie and Cooper.


Clint McElroy a 45-year veteran of broadcasting who now works  on the popular podcast THE ADVENTURE ZONE, with his sons Justin, Travis and Griffin. He is one of the co-writers of THE ADVENTURE ZONE: HERE THERE BE GERBLINS graphic novel and plays Ben Franklin on the podcast 1776: THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN from Serial Box. He is also a comic book writer of titles like GREEN HORNET: DARK TOMORROW, BLOOD IS THE HARVEST, and the adaptation of the movie FREEJACK, which sold literally tens of copies…which means they are very rare…which should mean they are very valuable to collectors…and yet, they don’t seem to be.

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