Paul AllorPaul Allor
Paul Allor has written Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and GI Joe for IDW publishing, in addition to creator-owned books such as Orc Girl for Challenger Comics, and Strange Nation for Monkeybrain.

He is also an alumni of several Comics Experience classes, and is now on staff at Comics Experience, where he offers professional script critiques to workshop members. Paul started reading comics at the age of 28, but has done his best to make up for lost time.

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Darryl BanksDarryl Banks
Darryl is a native of Columbus, Ohio, and a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design. Darryl worked on one of the first ever painted comics, Cyberpunk. As a part of Innovation and Millennium publishing he worked on numerous titles including the adaptation of the TV series The Wild Wild West and the comic adaptation of Doc Savage.

In 1993 he started working with DC Comics on Legion of Superheroes and later on Green Lantern. His claim to fame is was co-creating the Kyle Rayner. Darryl also had a hand in redesigning Parallax, Grayven, Fatality, Dr. Polaris and Dr. Light.

Darryl’s body of work also includes Captain America, X-Men, JLA, Superboy, Teen Titans, Tomb Raider: Epiphany, GI Joe Reloaded, Johnnie Zombie and numerous covers for Marvel, DC and other major publishers.

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Mitch GeradsMitch Gerads
Mitch Gerads is currently the artist on Marvel Now’s The Punisher and co-creator of The Activity from Image Comics. Gerads has also worked on such comic properties as Doctor Who, Stan Lee’s Starborn, Bandette, Planet of the Apes, and Johnny Recon.

Gerads is also an accomplished illustrator in the commercial art field having worked for such companies as General Mills, Adult Swim, Nabisco, and many others. He lives in Minneapolis MN, with his wife Lauren, and his cat Numchucks. When not drawing comics he obsesses over the perfect sidecar.

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Lora InnesLora Innes
Lora Innes is the creator of The Dreamer, a historical fiction webcomic about a high school Bostonian named Bea Whaley who begins having dreams about the Revolutionary War. Every night the dream picks up where the last one left of, and it isn’t long before Bea questions if these are just dreams… or if they’re something more.

Full of adventure, romance, and war, The Dreamer has grown a cult following online. The graphic novel collections are published by IDW Publishing and have been nominated for four Harvey Awards. Lora also co-hosts the Paper Wings Podcast, a show about elevating the craft of making independent comics.

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Mark KidwellMark Kidwell
Mark Kidwell is the author/illustrator of dozens of comic books representing genres from horror to western to sword and sorcery heroic fantasy. His work has been published by Image Comics, Fangoria Magazine, Cryptic Magazine, IDW and others. He has written multiple screenplays including BUMP, based on his splatterpunk comic series from Fangoria Comics. BUMP is in pre-production as a motion picture, and his full prose novel based on the story will be published in 2010.

In 2009, Mark began designing special FX makeup and creatures for Robert Kurtzman’s Precinct 13 Entertainment group, working on projects from such horror luminaries as Stuart Gordon, Dee Snider and Don Coscarelli. Mark considers his collaboration with co-creators Nat Jones and Jay Fotos on ’68 a high water mark in a career of producing dark, intelligent horror fiction.

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Museum picChad Lambert
Chad Lambert is a two-time Harvey Award-nominated writer for his work in small press comics, including Possum At Large, Kill the Revisionist, and Return to Point Pleasant. Ray Bradbury referred to Return to Point Pleasant as “superb and frightening! Bravo!”

Chad also appeared in the feature-length documentary Eyes of the Mothman, which explores the Appalachian folklore of paranormal activity in West Virginia.

Chad was also one of the writers of the Megamind and Kung Fu Panda comics from Ape Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation, as well as BloodRayne for Digital Webbing Press. Chad is also editor on Levity’s COMICS, a new biography series that focuses on stand-up comedians, television sitcom stars and other influential funny people from the past 50 years. Titles so far include George Carlin, Lucille Ball, The Three Stooges and Saturday Night Live. Chad took home the 2012 Shel Dorf Award for Editor of the Year for his work on this series.

Chad is currently appearing in the pages of Dark Horse Presents in a series of autobiographical stories about his days in radio. Earlier this year, Chad returned to his self-publishing roots with The Revisionist: 10 Years Gone, which collects the out-of-print short stories from Digital Webbing Presents (2004-2014). Chad also wrote and co-published COMICS: WKRP in Cincinnati, which tells the story of America’s favorite fake radio station through the eyes of an actual Cincinnati deejay.

Jay LeistenJay Leisten
Jay Leisten started his career in Comics as an intern at Top Cow. After 2 years in L.A. working on titles like, Tomb Raider, Witchblade, Darkness & Inferno, he re-located to Florida to work at Crossgen with long time friend Greg Land on Sojourn. When Crossgen closed its doors he began working for Marvel & DC on covers for several titles.

Within a few months he was working on titles like Thor, Legion, & Black Panther. In the past few years Jay recently finished working on a 3 year run with Greg Land on Uncanny X-men, 1 year on Iron Man, Moon Knight with Jerome Opena, Nightwing with Don Kramer, Outsiders with Fernando Pasarin, Captain Britain & Dark X-men with Leonard Kirk, Uncanny Avengers and Captain America with Steve McNiven, as well as several other Marvel projects.

Currently Jay is working on Mighty Avengers, Death of Wolverine and a creator owned project.

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DDP BangDiamond Dallas Page
Film and television actor and personality Dallas Page has been entertaining millions of fans for over 20 years. The athletic, 52 year-old Page knew at an early age that he was born to entertain. His grandmother called him “energetic”—truly an understatement. Whether it was barreling through his grandma’s kitchen on his tricycle, swinging from chandeliers at the babysitter’s house, or cannonballs at neighborhood pool parties, Page knew how to grab an audience and have them eat out of the palm of his hand.

With his size, strength and natural ability, Page excelled in multiple sports high school and college. After college, Dallas Page followed his calling to entertain, entering the nightclub business and quickly established himself as one of the south’s leading club owners and promoters. But he still had the pro wrestling “itch.” On a whim, Page sent a tape to the AWA (American Wrestling Alliance), one of the country’s premiere professional wrestling organizations. The AWA promoters immediately offered Page a contract to “manage”—escorting and doing all of the ‘over-the-top’ talking—their top stars. With his long, curly hair, conceited manner and ever present “Diamond Dolls,” “Diamond” Dallas Page was a natural at working crowd intofrenzy and became the man fans loved to hate.

Word of Page’s talent began to spread throughout the wrestling establishment. Unlike most wrestling managers that could only talk a good game, Page had the size and athleticism to go with it. Established superstars such as Dusty Rhodes and Magnum, T.A. convinced Page to expand his role and learn to be a complete wrestler. At age 35, Page entered the fabled WCW “Power Plant” and soon after became the oldest rookie in pro wrestling history

Page’s incredible work ethic, training regimen and preventative maintenance along with unmatched personal focus and determination, enabled him to battle the hands of time and stay healthy enough to wrestle men half his age for years to come. His uncanny ability to create and re-create his character propelled him to national notoriety and made him one of the hottest merchandising commodities in professional wrestling, first for WCW, then, the WWF which now have merged to become the WWE.

During Page’s fourteen year pro wrestling career, he captivated audiences and became a three-time world champion. His matches with wrestling legends such as Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and Bill Goldberg became legendary. And as networks, actors and professional athletes became more interested in the fan base and ratings that professional wrestling was attracting, Diamond Dallas Page became the unlikely tag team partner of late-night talk show host Jay Leno, basketball great Karl Malone and movie star David Arquette. Pay-per-view and charity match appearances versus Hogan and perennial “bad boy” Dennis Rodman are memorable to both fans and non-fans alike.

Throughout Page’s wrestling career, Hollywood has recognized his ability to be more than just a pro wrestling icon. Never one to settle for just being “good enough,” Page sought out renowned acting coach and theatre director Howard Fine in order to hone his acting skills. “Diamond Dallas Page is one of the most fearless and intense actors that I have ever taught,” said Fine, whose list of acting students includes Brad Pitt, Michael Chiklis and Salma Hayek. “He throws himself into every performance and never fails to compel attention. He can play a wide range of characters and is actually quite adept at comedy but give him a psychotic killer to play and you can expect fireworks.” Page easily bridged the gap between sports entertainment wrestling and mainstream entertainment, starring in feature films including director Rob Zombie’s, The Devil’s Rejects. “DDP is a true professional.He is as dedicated in the acting ring as he is in the wrestling ring,” said Zombie. Page’s other film roles include Driftwood, Ready to Rumble, First Daughter, Rat Race, Splinter and Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horrors. Page’s television credits include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Hollywood Squares, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee / Kelly, and The Best Damn Sports Show.

In addition to acting, Page is the co-developer of YRG, a revolutionary fitness program that takes the principles of yoga and supercharges them with old school calisthenics, core stability training and isometric and Dynamic resistance training to give an intense, complete body workout. Page also conducts inspirational seminars in the corporate and educational environment, guiding audiences through branding and goal-setting using his own formulas and self-taught techniques. Page regularly visits the troops in Iraq, as well as boys and girls clubs and youth sports camps throughout the U.S., giving inspirational speeches and YRG demonstrations. In 1999 he published his autobiography: Positively Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Story. His second book, YRG: Yoga for Regular Guys was published November 2005.

Tommy PattersonTommy Patterson
Tommy is a fast rising comic book artist with a list of impressive credentials. Tommy started his career with a splash as the artist on the comic follow up of the hit TV show, Farscape. Following that he increased his impressive portfolio with spots on Irredeemable and the comic adaptation of the movie, The Warriors.

Tommy had a hand on a plethora of Zenescope titles like Stinger, Tales from Wonderland: The Red Rose, Tales from Wonderland: The White Knight, Grimm Fairy Tales and Grimm Fairy Tales: Swimsuit Edition.

For the last two years Tommy has been the lead man on Dynamite’s Game of Thrones, based off the bestselling books and hit HBO show. He has also done numerous covers on titles such as Queen Sonja, No Tomorrow, Hit List, Chosen and Forsaken, Robyn Hood, The Jungle Book and The Dream Eater Saga.

You can follow him on TWITTER.

Matt SlayMatt Slay
Matt Slay has worked in comics for over a decade, but quickly made a name for himself painting variant covers for IDW’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Matt has produced for “Marvel Premiere” as well as “Iron Man 3”, but maintains a strong loyalty to the 1980(s) properties that raised him. His dark and earthy watercolors bring a grown-up sense of danger to any character.

Born in St. Michaels and raised in Easton, the Maryland native now paints for the sci-fi anthology series “Time Traveled Tales” with authors such as Timothy Zahn. He is also currently illustrating the “Icarus” graphic novel with author Greg Wilson, while continuing his cover work for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

You can inquire about his ART, his DEVIANT or FACEBOOK.

Jamie SnellJamie Snell
Jamie is a freelance illustrator, that currently works on Star Wars sketch cards for Topps and Marvel Cards with Upperdeck. He has worked on various sketch card sets from Topps (Mars Attacks, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, just to name a few), Rittenhouse on several Marvel sets, Breygent with Transformers, and Inkworks with The Spirit. He has also done Posters for LFL and Acme Archives: Celebrations V and the 30th Anniversary of ESB.

Along with that he has also worked for IDW publishing doing various covers for IDW’s Godzilla #1 and various characters for the Transformers Beastwars Source book. He has also done several pieces for charity thru the 501st, Rebel Legion and Mandalorian Mercs.

Ben TemplesmithBen Templesmith
Ben Templesmith is a New York Times best selling artist and writer most widely known for his work in the comic book industry where he has received multiple nominations for the International Horror Guild Awards as well as the industry’s top prize, the Eisner Award. He also won a Spike TV Scream Award.

He was born March 7th 1984, in Perth, Australia. Raised as an orphan by monks & studied marine biology and design at UWA.

As a creator, his most notable works have been 30 Days of Night (which spawned a major motion picture) and Fell. His other projects include the critically acclaimed serial Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, as well as The Squidder, Welcome to Hoxford, and Singularity 7, all of which he also wrote.

He’s also worked on Star Wars, Ten Grand, Doctor Who, GI Joe, Army of Darkness, Silent Hill and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, among others.

He does art for money in a strange & hugely lucky thing some would call a “career” & follows the Giant Space Squid. He loiters in Chicago with his amazing lady, Ashley & two very spoiled cats.

You can check out his WEBSITE, 78SQUID, or follow him on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

603271_10151188475093872_1958802066_nTom Waltz
Tom Waltz is the Senior Staff Writer/Editor for premiere comic book publisher IDW Publishing, as well as the writer of critically acclaimed comic books and graphic novels, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Last Fall, Children of the Grave, After the Fire, Finding Peace (with Nathan St John), Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward, Silent Hill: Past Life and many others.

He has also written for video games, including Silent Hill Downpour (Konami) and Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime (Atari). He is a former active duty U.S. Marine, Desert Storm vet, and former California National Guard Military Policeman. He grew up in Clinton, Michigan and currently makes his home in San Diego, California with his lovely wife, Leticia, two children, and a pack of unruly dogs.

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