News: 2018!!!

Booths for the 2018 Tricon are now up for sale. There is a limited amount available so grab yours as soon as possible. You can register HERE. Here are a few simple things to help you register…

Placement is based by when you submit. There are circumstances that may alter this (request for placement by people or previous exhibitors/vendors who request specific locations and so on).

Exhibitor space is reserved for creators this year. If you are an artist, painter, colorist, letterer, writer, sculptor and so on you qualify for an exhibitor booth. Everyone else can buy a vendor booth. If you have any questions please email us (

This year if you have a display it can be no higher that 12ft; that is two feet above the pipe and drape. Anyone with a display of 12ft will be placed along the walls so they do not overshadow the creators/vendors without the high rise. Please let us know if you will be displaying at this height.

Thank you and we look forward to Tricon 2018!

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