News: Cosplay Policy

With recent events in Phoenix we will be adjusting our cosplay policy regarding prop guns.

We will not be banning prop weapons but before you enter the venue you will be required to show all prop weapons to Tricon staff. We will band them and then you are allowed to enter the building. These bands must remain on the weapons at all times. If we find an unchecked weapon or one that the band has been removed, you will be asked to remove the prop from the building.

We want this show to be an enjoyable experience for all our fans but we want it to be safe as well. The safety of our guest, exhibitors, vendors, attendees and staff is very important to us. We want to thank you for your understanding and are excited to see you all again.

If you would like to review the cosplay policy or get your signup sheet for the costume contest, please click this LINK.

Eric and James

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