News: Costume Contest

There will be a few changes to this year’s costume contest. These changes are aimed at making the experience for all costumed fans even better. We will be breaking judging up into sections so the judges get more time to check out the custom costumes before the final Stage Judging. Here is how things will break down…

11:45- Judging for Group One

12:45- Judging for Group Two

1:45- Judging for Group Three

2:45- Judging for Group Four

3:45- Judging for Group Five

5:00- Stage Judging

When you submit your costume contest form you will be informed of the group you will be in. Each judging group will have more personal time with the judges. At 5PM every contestant will get their time on the stage before the judges hand out their winning choices.

*Group judging will take place at the stage, but not on the stage. Final Stage Judging is where the costumed fans will get their time on stage!

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