News: TMNT Books

As most of you know there was a shipping issue from the warehouse to us before the show so we did not have the TMNT 83 exclusives available. We did get some, not all of them in, and we are going to begin allowing them to be bought online today!


The exclusive cover is drawn by legendary creator, Billy Tucci (Shi, Sgt. Rock) and colored by the talented Nick Wentland (Army of Darkness, TMNT). We will only be releasing 250 of these books at this time aside from the pre-orders done at Tricon on June 2nd.

To make it easier we are selling them for 30.00. This price includes the shipping and materials needed to keep the books protected in shipping including bag and board and hard envelope for shipping. We are only releasing 250 of these books at this time so do not miss out on these awesome collectors items!

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