News: Booths

Booths are sold out for 2019! We are so excited to bring these amazing creators to Huntington.

If your on the fence about which tickets are best for you we encourage you to check out the VIP ticket. You get amazing items and early access to the floor for only $25. Whatever ticket you choose you do not want to miss this show. Tickets are only $10 at the door (Local taxes and fees may apply).

Thank you all for your continued support and we will see you June 8th!

Guest: Morgan Beem

Morgan Beem will make her Tricon debut on June 8th, 2019! Morgan has worked on titles like Planet of the Apes and Mountain but is best known for her work on The Family Trade. READ MORE!

Guest: Gavin Smith

Artist Gavin Smith will return to Tricon on June 8th, 2019! Gavin has worked on The Accelerators, Ghost in a Shell and is excited for the release for his creator owned project, Dead Legends. READ MORE!

Guest: Jorge Corona

Venezuelan artist, Jorge Corona will make his Tricon debut on June 8th! Jorge has worked on titles like We are…Robin, Nightwing, Flash, Teen Titans Go, Adventure Time and many more. READ MORE!

Guest: Daxiong

We are excited to welcome artist Daxiong to Tricon in 2019! Daxiong is a veteran artist, writer and editor from China. His work is a beautiful blend of traditional and Chinese styles. READ MORE!

Guest: Tommy Patterson

Game of Thrones, Farscape, TMNT and Citizen Jack artist, Tommy Patterson will make his return to Tricon in 2019! Tommy is currently working on a new independent title with Broken Icon Comics. READ MORE!

Guest: Mark Kidwell

We are excited to welcome back Mark Kidwell to Tricon! Mark is a veteran writer and artist who has worked on various titles, mostly in the horror genre. READ MORE!

Guest: Darryl Banks

Darryl Banks returns to Tricon in 2019! Darryl is a legendary creator who is best known for his work on Green Lantern and co-creating Kyle Rayner! READ MORE!

Guest: Justin Stewart

Veteran artist and colorist, Justin Stewart returns to Tricon! Just is an extremely talented creator with titles like Miami Vice: Remix, Howard the Human and Bleed Leaders! READ MORE!


Guest: Beau Smith

Huntington’s favorite son, Beau Smith returns to Tricon! Beau is a veteran writer who is best known for his creator owned series and hit TV series on SyFy, Wynonna Earp! READ MORE!